A downloadable game for Windows

This game was first made during a GameJam at my university (UQAC), with a team of 7 students.

Theme: Pressure

Styles: racing, strategy, survival

The game is 2-player racing game into space. The players will have to reach their ship while avoiding all the obstacles one can find into space. We chose a funny way of moving around to implement the pressure as a core system: the astronauts move with a fire extinguisher.  The players will also have to manage their gas, which is not unlimited; several stations will spawn amidst asteroids and blackholes, to refill the gas in the extinguisher. They will also give items, as in Mario Kart, to help the player or to hinder their opponent.

This version is not exactly the one we delivered within 48 hours, I improved it a little afterwards. You can download the original GameJam version here.

Install instructions

/!\ IMPORTANT: plug the controllers after starting the game!


ZeroGRace.zip 80 MB

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